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Do you want to increase productivty in your organisation by streamlining your workflows?

With the Dynamic Condition Response (DCR) tool, you get a ‘GPS directory’ that guides your through the optimal work processes. Traditional BPM tools provide static directions in the same way as a printed route guide does on car trips. DCR works rather as a dynamic GPS directory, which is able to deviate from the planned route, and guide you via other paths to the goal.

On this site you can explore more about the DCR process methodology and the IT-tool behind. If you want to design your own DCR graphs simply sign up for free and expand your creativity.

Welcome to DCR.

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March 22 2018

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November 21 2017

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Exformatics and KMD speech at the 2017 BPM Conference

September 01 2017

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Dreyers Fond

“We at Dreyers Fond are very happy, that back in 2013, we decided to replace our work procedure with an entirely digital solution, in regards to the many applications that we receive. Our application solution now functions 100% digitally, which has assisted in making the case consideration much faster and easier. We’re entirely satisfied with our collaboration with Exformatics, they’re always there, when we need them”
Patricia de Moor, foundations administrator


“The public sector is in need of systems which are capable of continuously adjusting themselves, in relation to new rules and laws that affect work procedure. Otherwise the systems can quickly become a hindrance rather than a means of support. With DCR-technology, we’re provided with a system which makes it easy to fulfil the knowledge worker’s desire of flexibility. Furthermore, we can help by ensuring that they’re always able to live up to any changes in legislation- and compliance requirements, which come from the public sector. And it was also the flexibility which was one of the decisive factors regarding the choice of DCR Solution”
Jakob Brix, head of product management and development for KMD Workzone


DCR are used so far by municipalities, public authorities, banking companies, insurance, manufacturing, service and IT-companies on five continents.