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About Exformatics A/S

We believe that shared knowledge provides more value – what do you think?

Exformatics A/S is a Danish IT company established in 2000. We deliver IT-systems for digitization, structure and optimize all forms of work processes, knowledge sharing and information management. Our solution combines the very best from ECM, social software and process management (BPM). This provides a unique information overview and a platform to help increase the efficiency of employees and supports the cooperation between departments and even organizations. Among other things, the solution enables companies to organize and access activities and information, and digitizes business processes. Our main goal is to provide IT-systems which are easy to use and increase knowledge sharing and collaboration, and thereby contribute to a higher level of productivity and job satisfaction.

We are not like everybody else – and we dare to stand by it

CEO and founder of Exformatics, Morten Marquard, is a computer scientist and has unique working experience from strategic sales and marketing and expertise from knowledge-based industries. In 2011 Exformatics and the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) began the development project of Dynamic Condition Response (DCR). Today Exformatics and ITU have created tools for the declarative workflow language of DCR, and incorporated them into Exformatics ECM. Today at ITU and UniRio, lessons are given in DCR as one of the two primary tools in the subject of “BPM - business process management. This means, that Exformatics has taken the work with workflow processes to a new level. We are specialised in working with digitisation and optimising of work processes. Our knowledge and experience ensure that we can advise and guide our customers through every part of the process. We always take 100% ownership to contribute to our customer’s ongoing development of the business optimizing.


Dreyers Fond

“We at Dreyers Fond are very happy, that back in 2013, we decided to replace our work procedure with an entirely digital solution, in regards to the many applications that we receive. Our application solution now functions 100% digitally, which has assisted in making the case consideration much faster and easier. We’re entirely satisfied with our collaboration with Exformatics, they’re always there, when we need them”
Patricia de Moor, foundations administrator


“The public sector is in need of systems which are capable of continuously adjusting themselves, in relation to new rules and laws that affect work procedure. Otherwise the systems can quickly become a hindrance rather than a means of support. With DCR-technology, we’re provided with a system which makes it easy to fulfil the knowledge worker’s desire of flexibility. Furthermore, we can help by ensuring that they’re always able to live up to any changes in legislation- and compliance requirements, which come from the public sector. And it was also the flexibility which was one of the decisive factors regarding the choice of DCR Solution”
Jakob Brix, head of product management and development for KMD Workzone

The History of DCR

In 2011, Exformatics initiated the industrial PhD project of Tijs Slaats in collaboration with the IT University Of Copenhagen (ITU). The aim was to further develop and mature the DCR (Dynamic Condition Response) technology, a theoretical flexible workflow technology invented by Hildebrandt and his former PhD student Rao R. Mukkamala at ITU. During the 3 years of his PhD project, Tijs Slaats and his supervisors, Hildebrandt and Marquard, successfully refined and matured the technology and evaluated its usefulness in practice. The collaboration has continued after the end of the PhD project jointly with Søren Debois at ITU, leading to the current Exformatics DCRGraphs.net system, which can effectively support knowledge workers and be adapted when regulations and workflows change.

The key insight of the DCR system is NOT to digitalise the process flows, which inevitably gets too rigid for knowledge workers. Instead, DCR digitalizes the constraints workers must obey, and support the sharing and identification of workflows and adaptation of constraints through collaborative simulation.

The result is a dynamic and flexible process- and knowledge sharing system that can be easily adapted to the individual organization’s workflow and changing needs, which can revolutionize process thinking on an international scale.

In December 2016, Exformatics received international recognition for their work with Dreyers Fond (Dreyers Foundation) when they were nominated for the BPM Award (Business Process Management). Exformatics has helped Dreyers Foundations go from an analogue paper-based workflow to a digital, paperless workflow using the DCR-system. The result was not only a more efficient distribution and management of funds, but also reduced administrative work by 30 per cent.


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Morten Marquard

CEO at Exformatics

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Thomas Hildebrandt

Associate Professor, IT University Copenhagen (ITU)

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Søren Debois

Associate Professor, IT University Copenhagen (ITU)

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